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History of the O'Haren Clan 

O’Haren Clan 

Clann O'Hanrahan originates as a branch of the Dalcassian group of Thomond.

Clonmacnois Celtic Cross

Branches of Clan Haren

Several branches of Clan O'Hanrahan have been identified in early Irish records.  

DNA  Test - UPDATE 2015

Y-DNA results for Michael O'Hearn of California USA are haplogroup R1b, SNPs M269+ &  L226+ and therefore Irish Type III, the southwest Ireland type which also includes the male line O'Brien descendants of Ard Ri Brian Boru.  Recently it has been discovered that the Y-DNA of this family branches from O'Brien ancestry with matching SNP markers to at least before 1300 AD.  Since the earliest verified ancestors were from County Kilkenny and because of another close autosomal DNA  match including surnames Hearn and O'Brien going back to Newfoundland, Canada and County Wexford, Ireland, it is now surmised that the Hearn surname for this family is an assumed name or derives from some other non-parental event, and probably represents the O'Haren/O'Haran family of  County Clare in Munster, from the sept O'Hanrahan.

Place names Ballyharran aka Ballaharran (Ballyharron) near Crossabeg in County Wexford is in Irish Bealach-Ui-hEaghrain [-harran], O'Harran's or Harran's road.

P.W. Joyce "Irish Names of Places" (Dublin 1913)

 More recently, the  American baseball professional Dan Haren.


A Y-DNA match was found with Hanrahan person now living in Australia, going back of North County Clare.  There is also records of O'Briens in the same area, near the traditional location of the O'Hanrahans,  It may be that during the troubles in the 18th century, a child or children of an O'Brien family was raised by a spinster from a Haren or Haran family, thus giving the children her family name and clan identity. 


Another paternally related Irish family of Pavey/Peavey etc. descends from Joseph Pavey, a victualler or restauranteur who was one of the first settlers in the Georgia colony arriving there in 1736. He was apparently a son or otherwise related to John Pavy of Maryland colony, and married Jane Dyall a daughter of John Dyall in Delaware before settling in Georgia. John Pavy was in service on the estate of Robert Smith, with the Talbot Company in Talbot County, Maryland colony in 1666. Male line descendants of John Peach (1638-1692) of Symondsbury, Bridgport, Dorset, England are apparently also of this type.  

Could their name derive from the Pavee folk of Irish and Scottish Travellers?

O'Brien of Thomond blazon

        O'Hanrahan blazon